Tell Us About Your Amazing Collection!


I’m making a new zine currently; desktop publishing and on demand printing via Blurb have made it much less DIY, but I’m old and I’ve grown to hate gluesticks so it really is a win/win!


Since I was 18 years old, everywhere I’ve been, I’ve brought home a small trinket to remind me of my adventures. I call it “shelf stuff.” I can sit in front of the shelves and look over my collection and reminisce about everywhere I’ve been. Some items are bought, some I picked up or found, and the entirety probably wouldn’t be valued at $5, and my ex-wife hated my shelves. The only rules are that it has to have the name of where I’m at and, if possible, have something to do with the area. Unfortunately there is a shot glass or two, and some things are just items that have been what I’ve loved about a particular time in my life (a plastic motorcycle to remind me of when I used to race and I LOVED Austin Powers, The Tick, and Spider-Man).


The Coaster Garden

Since my first time at Burning Man in 1997 (attended 1997-2001) I marveled at the unique uses and applications of those freebie CD-ROMs (aka ‘Coasters’) and their cousins, the botched/errored CD-R

I started collecting coasters and spindling them onto metal garden crooks.
Friends, coworkers, and family have all contributed a few along the way.

To dress up the garden crooks, I made a jig to make ‘flowers’ out of coasters as well

To date there are 41000+ coasters spindled onto about 30 garden crooks…I might stop when I hit 50000, or not

My garden grows much slower now as CD-ROMs aren’t as prevalent and AOL no longer hands these things out like candy


I’ve been collecting postcards from all over the world (and from different decades) since 2004! They’re from my own travels, family members, friends, purchased from thrift stores, etc., and are all shapes, sizes, themes, etc. I love them so much. I take them wherever I move to and honestly, I would definitely grab them if there was a fire (hoping that never happens to me though).

Last time I counted was sometime last year and it was roughly 320 or so. I’ve accumulated at least 50 more since them; give or take. They’re currently kept in a cardboard shoe box because the original antique palm tree box I kept them in is now not large enough to hold all of them. Luckily for me, I have large feet and the box is big enough (for now).

If anyone else collects postcards, how do you store them? Ideally, I would like to put them on display somehow, but I’m unsure of how to go about it. I thought about buying a photo album but some of the postcards are way too long. Any ideas?


Awesome collection and great question regarding storage! How DOES one best store postcards?


ever since living in ecuador in the ‘op’s and realizing that each indigenous group was recognizable by their unique hat, i’ve collected traditional hats from all over the world. they are characteristic of certain places and geographies and are utilitarian in nature. i love searching out something like this in new places i travel to and adding to what has become a pretty exnteive collection, representative of southeast and central asia, africa, south america, etc. it’s definitely something unique that i didn’t realize would morph into a fun, treasure hunt like activity every time i go somewhere; asking local people if there’s a traditional hat of the area certainly is an icebreaker for conversations and when people come to my house for the firs time, they’re fasc8nated by the breadth of what’s hanging on the walls.


sorry for the typo above—-should read “in the ‘90’s”


This is SUCH a cool collection, and asking people about their traditional hats is an incredible conversation starter!


Such an awesome idea and pic :love_you_gesture:


I’ve collected cobalt blue glass for 50+ years now and have about 400 pieces. I can’t get enough out of seeing it displayed where light shines through this blue-purple glass. To me it is very spiritual. These are a few photos to show how I display them on long glass shelves that line a very large picture window.
Always Caturday

Motley Blue


Definitely my favorite color! I’ve heard cobalt stained glass is the best.


I have the standard rock collection with a few random things like mercury, camel hair, and a white rock with spiky clear mold on it, but my most recent collection has been my mug collection. Right now I only have five, but two of those where hand made, one by me.


I just started a collection of Christmas/New Years market mugs. In 3 weeks & 6 countries, I ended up with 20+. My favorite are the Nuremburg ones, they have different ones every year so of course I kept checking booths trying to track down past years (I ended up with 2016-2018). Also, the New Years ones in Budapest were shaped like pigs. Pretty much filled an entire carry-on with tiny mugs.


Speaking of Christmas collections, my wife and I try to pick up a Christmas ornament from whenever we travel. Some of our favorites are a cottage from Fogo Island, a canoe from Banff, a skull from Mérida, and, of course, an Eiffel Tower from Paris. It makes decorating the tree each year a lovely trip down memory lane.


Bottle caps… a pretty basic hobby but maybe there are some other collectors out there who would like to exchange some!


Beautiful collection ! Love the idea of collecting objects of natural history

But I have to ask how on earth did you come across the badger fetus ? :confused: