Tell Us About Your Favorite Comfort Food From Around the World



Tis the season… to eat yourself into a physical and emotional coma. All over the world people have different conceptions of “comfort food,” and we recently polled our readers to find out about their favorite comfort foods from around the world:

But we’re still hungry! Tell us about your favorite comfort food in the convo below!


Boston baked beans with hot dogs and brown bread from a can. Probably not the most nutritious meal of them all, but God I love it. My recently passed grandfather used the same bean pot every Saturday to make his beans for as long as I can remember, and when asked if there was anything I wanted to have from his home I requested the bean pot. May the memory live on.


Thanks for sharing that—lovely story about the bean pot! (My late Grandfather loved nothing more that a hot dog from a cart, especially in front of Home Depot. That and middle-of-the-night ice cream.)


I used to love when my mom made kishka with mashed potatoes, corn and onions — as you can imagine, Eastern Europeans have great cold weather comfort food — until my teenage self realized was kishka was made out of!

A link for the brave: Kaszanka - Wikipedia


Are you a vampire by any chance ? haha :vampire:


Mince and tatties, a comforting food from my childhood. Minced beef browned and cooked with onion and carrot and a little oatmeal for thickening the water, served with creamy mashed potatoes and green peas. Whenever I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and eating out, this is my go-to.


Two comfort foods come to mind and in fact just thinking about them makes my mouth water, both are meat based because I admit I am an unrepentant carnivore.

In Mexico it would be Tacos de pastor or Suadero with cilantro, lots of lime juice and plenty of salsa verde for good measure. Needless to say there are some Taquerias back in Mexico city and Guadalajara that I sorely miss going to.

In Brazil it would have to be beef / sausage/chicken Churrasco at a rodízio in Sao Paulo with some farrofa or a nice bowl of hot fejoiada.


I live in Southern California. It’s a churro. It will always be a churro. You can’t have a bad day and a churro at the same time. A coworker of mine from Seattle had never heard of a churro and I immediately felt sympathy because I knew she’d never felt joy.


Wow ! Churros ?! Blew my mind , I never associated them with the USA, just Spain and of course Mexico


Much of the culture in Southern California is Mexican culture. I don’t realize how good our Mexican food is here until I go to another state.


I was aware of the Mexican influence , but I assumed it would be sort of a variation of the Tex-Mex / Chicano type cuisine , so I am kind of pleasantly suprised that churros are also popular.

As someone who partly grew up in Mexico and has roots in the country I adore churros. Got to say , that I really recommend checking out the Churrerias in Mexico , particularly of the Chilango style in Mexico City (“El Moro” in the Zocalo and “La Parochia” and "Café El Jarocho"in Coyoacan are the best in my opinion).

A bit off topic but when I was living in Spain in Madrid where Churros are meant to originally from I got to try some at “Chocolatería San Ginés” but I have to say that I actually prefer the Mexican kind 100%.


I’m ashamed to say that as long as I’ve lived in California, I’ve never been to Mexico. Mexico City is definitely on my list, and these Churrerias look magnificent.


I live in Memphis, so I’ve got a lot of comfort foods – barbecue, of course (Jim Neely’s Interstate Barbecue is the best) (okay, arguably); fried chicken (Gay Hawk Restaurant has the best fried chicken on the planet); collard greens (Mahogany Restaurant has ruined me for any other greens); I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that spring to mind.


Souvlaki with potatoes from one of the many stands in Chania, Crete
I crave this and cannot find it stateside, anywhere. It has been replicated in my own kitchen but is only close, not exact. Still delicious though :wink:


Risotto is my comfort food. It can be just be cheese or with veggies such as asparagus, zucchini, or whatever is seasonal. Risotto and a glass of white wine and I am a happy girl. It’s what I will usually have this on my first night in Italy. When I am not in Italy, it’s what I make to remind me of Italy.


Risotto is perfectly comforting!


Not the safest part of the country anymore, but Coney dogs from Flint Michigan. They are the best in the country and use a “dry” sauce, not that soupy mess elsewhere.


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Pierogi ruskie, a kind of filled dumpling, found in most places in Poland. I always have some in the freezer, and frequently order them and other types of pierogi when I am out.

Essentially a mix of potato and white cheese with a bit of seasoning, wrapped in dough and boiled for a few minutes. Served with a bit of butter or some fried pork fragments on top, the cheese gives a sour taste to the potato. They look ridiculously plain and simple, and the first time I was given a plateful I wondered how I would ever finish them all.

Several minutes later, and the plate was empty.