Tell Us Your Extremely Local Ghost Stories!

sgrowe56, The prompt was for ghost stories; I responded with one, appropriately enough. Please be kind to strangers who’ve had experiences you haven’t.

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Thank you for your validation, tuthebeach.

Our family’s weekend getaway, a very rustic log cabin in the woods, sits at the top of a hill on a winding gravel road, with the tiny Mt. Nebo church less than a mile away. It had been for sale for a long time because an old off-the-grid couple would scare away people who came to look at the cabin if they didn’t like them. However, they took a shine to my dad and welcomed us, but warned him that that there was a “haunt” nearby. Despite that story and the lack of modern conveniences, my parents bought the place. No one saw anything more than bats or owls at night until one of us had an upset stomach and went out to the porch to get some fresh air. That’s when the weird lights began to appear in odd places, but mostly on the road, and only to whoever was ill or unhappy. We finally compared stories and figured out the lights had to be the “Mt. Nebo ghost” that we were warned about and that my mother had discovered in an old newspaper article. Said to be the spirit of a local young woman who was recently engaged to a city boy, she was walking on her way to the little church for a revival, but was struck and killed by a car on the pitch-dark road. Her “haunt” would appear only to the locals, who said she was searching for her fiancé, who was not with her when she needed him so desperately. My sighting was on an ill-advised, very late night trip, when my boyfriend and I got lost because I couldn’t see the usual landmarks to guide us there. After too many hours in the car, we had just turned onto the gravel road when I noticed an odd blue light that followed right behind us, although there was no one else around. The light disappeared exactly as we pulled into the cabin’s driveway, to our great relief. There were various other sightings over the years, until a shaman friend of ours offered to put her to rest by sending her to the Land of the Dead, and no one never saw her again. We were actually a bit sad to lose her, but glad that she was at peace after all those years.

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There’s a small patch of ancient woodland near the village of Bradley in Lincolnshire, England, known as Bradley Woods. For generations people have witnessed the ghost of a pretty young woman dressed in a black cloak and hood that hides her hair but reveals a mournful, pale, tear-soaked face. Recently motorists driving past the woods have seen her stood by the side of the road. She has never harmed anyone but is said to be a pitiful and unnerving sight. It is thought she once lived in a cottage in the woods with her husband, a woodsman, and their baby son. During the Wars of the Roses, an English civil war of the 15th century, the woodsman left his family to join the army of the local lord. After many months with no news of her husband the woman would walk to the edge of the woods with her baby awaiting the sight of him coming home. One day enemy soldiers marched through the area on their way to attack Lincoln. The woman was set upon by three horsemen who raped her before snatching the baby and riding away. Heartbroken and humiliated, the young lady wandered the woods in vain searching for her child and husband. After her own death nearby villagers continued to see her spectral image wandering the woods carrying on her never ending search. The ghost is known locally as the Black Lady of Bradley Woods.

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I grew up in Annandale, VA very close (less than .25 mile) to a Civil War mansion (Oak Hill) and there was a ghost story we would tell during sleepovers way, way back in the 70’s about that house and the Civil War.
The story goes that it was owned by a southern woman who secretly aided northern soldiers by hiding them in the false floor of the attic. The Confederates slowly became aware that something was afoot. So on one particular dark and stormy night (of course, it was dark and stormy), a few Union soldiers found their way to the house for a reprieve from the rain. Shortly thereafter, a few Confederate soldiers also found their way to her home for shelter. She apparently hid the Union men in the attic; maybe they made some small noise, maybe they were seen entering the house, regardless the Confederates searched the house inside and out, upstairs and down. They found no one. One, though, had thought. He started ramming his bayonnet into the ceiling below the attic floor. The others followed. A dark red stain slowly spread across the area. The Confederates had found the Union soldiers.
The ghost story element is that it is said that to this day, when it storms the blood red stain reappears on the ceiling.
What I find fascinating about this tale is that I heard a boy who grew up 20 years after me in the adjacent neighborhood tell virtually the same story 10 years ago when he was in 4th grade. I suppose when a ghost story is good (and true?), it stands the test of time.


When they were building a movie theater as part of a strip mall, Tom was killed. He was often seen backstage. When it was transformed into a Bed Bath & Beyond he was seen and felt often, even by myself. When BB&B moved out and Dunham’s moved in, I asked several employees if they had had seen or felt him. I couldn’t get any confirmations. I still think Tom is there and they don’t want to admit it.
Stacey, Rocherster Hills, Michigan

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Sure, I’ll talk about my experience. Let me start this off by saying that I’ve had a few experiences throughout my life when it comes to “ghosts” and “spirits.” I’ll tell two different stories.

1st story: In 2013 or 2014, I was at my apartment in Loma Linda, CA where I was going to grad school. I had gotten a dog recently and he used to bark at my upstairs neighbors. One time, my dog was barking at the ceiling but it was totally quiet. All of a sudden the hair on the back of my neck started to rise and I had this intense feeling of dread. I muttered under my breath “what are you?” before hushing my dog and going into my bedroom. A few days later, my girlfriend at the time and I were enjoying some post-coital netflix time. We were watching Netflix when all of a sudden the eyes of the main character turned pitch black, the sound was all garbled, and the mouth of the character looked like a “bottomless pit” (my girlfriend’s words). I was in a trance and then all of a sudden I snapped out of it when she said “What is wrong with the TV?” and then proceeded to change the channel and the image returned to normal. I feel that this was the first major incidence within adulthood where I saw something. (I had things enter into my dreams that as a child I thought was actually something else). Years later (recently) I got an “audit” of that spirit and apparently that person mentioned that it was a malevolent human spirit that was killed with Strychnine by a jealous mistress of her husband. Who knows if its true, but I saw what I saw and my gf (now wife) saw it too but says it was a TV glitch.

2nd story: So I had gone to LA and rented an Airbnb at a hostel. I started realizing that every time I was going into his place I was mentally preparing to go in. I would take a deep breath before going in. I would also be looking over my shoulder expecting to see someone but no-one was there. That was when the owner of the hostel said he “kept spirits” and a lot of other weird stuff that I wasn’t familiar with. He started mentioning psychic abilities and even told a story of how he met some conjurer who had a non-human spirit join him and that spirit helped him to see a variety of things. He would talk of seeing spirits and etc after that. Well after the seemingly weird story, he recommended some website where a conjurer would willingly have spirits join people (ones that were proven not to be evil) and I checked it out and saw that it was expensive.

I forgot about the experience for a few months and that guy emails me asking if I took the plunge. I eventually got around to purchasing that service (I was kind of suicidal at the time and suffering from major depression so spending a few hundred dollars wasn’t an issue for me at the time…) and got a female (non-human) spirit. I had to do some weird invocation ceremony so what I did was get special candles from bed bath and beyond, and even cooked dinner (with some good red wine) like it was a “date.” I even played my favorite classical music during that ritual (Paganini). Well I’m sitting on the floor cross-legged, and at the end of that ritual during the meditation portion of it I feel this warm hand caressing my right cheek from behind. It was like a right hand that was radiating warmth to my face and I even felt myself leaning into it. I enjoy the sensation and decide to end the meditation and head to bed. I wasn’t really sure what I had experienced. The next day I’m going to a group therapy that was mandated by the military (I was in the navy at the time), and then I saw something weird like dust swirling in the air. I almost asked the person leading the session to open the window but then my brain started wondering why there was dust swirling when there was no A/C blowing and no draft. Then I started to wonder what those particles were. My line of sight followed the source and it seemed to come from two people in the group circle that was right in front of me. I looked in between them and saw a visual distortion not unlike what you would see above the asphalt on a hot Texas summer day. That was when something seemed to shift in my vision and I saw what I think are auras. The guy on the left had something that looked like a blue mist rising to the ceiling and the guy on the right had something that looked like black smoke billowing towards the ceiling and black fire seeming to shoot out of his left knee. So yeah, I think that spirit showed me what I was capable of in some way and yes I think spirits do exist now along with a lot of other things.

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I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When I moved here in June, for a summer internship, I was housed in a large apartment complex. Despite numerous complaints to our landlord about the problems with the flat, they never offered us a different flat. That was until we complained about a ghost. We had a new place within 12 hours. Amazing.

Also, the 8th lunar month is “Ghost Month.” You mustn’t leave your clothing hanging out overnight to dry. The ghosts will borrow them and then when you wear them you’ll fall ill.


We’re L.A. natives, and had Friday/Saturday night tickets for shows at The Greek. Instead of driving up and back both nights, we got a room at The Hollywood Downtowner. On Friday I stowed Saturday’s tickets in my duffel. Come Saturday night, the tickets were nowhere to be found, and we went through every inch of our suitcases.

We never found Saturday’s tickets and got them replaced, but were really confused how they could have gone missing.

A couple weeks later we were partying in the backyard. Both my grandparents (RIP) were there, and then Bren(dan) came through. He told my mom that he’d taken our tickets so someone would know he was there; he’d been murdered in a drug deal in the room we stayed in, and wanted to let someone know he was there.

My mom’s a sensitive, and to a much lesser degree my sister and brother and I are, but that night, in the backyard, it was total WHOA - spirit party.

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No offense was meant, it was said tongue-in-cheek, I’m a firm believer in the paranormal having had several experiences myself; it was said in jest toward the author of this blog who I don’t think is a believer.

Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix is built over the first school house in Phoenix. There was a well that 2 kids drowned in turn of the century. I did a school project about the ghosts there and all the staff would talk about hearing kids laughing and running around in the basement when no one else was around. There’s also a room where the ghost of a woman who jumped from the roof in the 20s haunts guests at night. She appears and then suddenly disappears. I’m a big ol skeptic when it comes to ghosts, but for some reason the Hotel is a spot where several people have committed suicide by jumping off. There’s a Subway across the street and the manager there said he saw the most recent one (this was 2009, so that was around 2003 I think). He was looking at the street and suddenly a woman splattered on the pavement. That was the story that creeped me out the most.

So, this isn’t my ghost story or even a particular ghost story. Cuba Road is a twisty, winding street that occupies some space in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and considerably more space in the local imagination.

Stories of Cuba Road abound. Because it is a very windy road, and goes up and down some pretty steep hills, it’s a dangerous drive. There’s a small cemetery that dates from the 1820s, including some Civil War-era graves. Most frequently, people see floating balls of light above some of the graves, feel ‘cold spots’ there and see presences.

In the woods behind the cemetery, there’s a house that will appear, and disappear, as you come towards it. It supposedly burned down a long time ago, although no one really knows the truth.

In addition to it being a rather windy and dangerously steep road, it’s also in a wealthy area - the houses are beautiful and enormous. Mansions, basically. But accordingly, it’s also said that mobsters used to live along Cuba in the 1930’s. If you drive down the road, by yourself, at night, a mobster will appear in your rearview mirror, as though he were sitting in your back seat, smoking a cigar.

There’s also supposedly an old mental hospital along Cuba Road that was shut down down a long time ago. I’ve never seen it, but it is, apparently, haunted, as such institutions tend to be.

In addition to the above stories, there’s a disappearing woman - she’ll try to flag you down, if you’re driving along the road, and then disappear when you stop to pick her up. But really, I think that ones just part of the whole Resurrection Mary thing… I feel like every town/city has one, and Chicago already has a Resurrection Mary legend in the city proper.

Police tend to patrol the area pretty well, especially this time of year, mostly as a result of the street’s reputation. People try to break into the cemetery to hold seances, or satanic rituals. I think people have tried to commit suicide there in the past as well.

It’s a road best avoided on Halloween, but well worth a ride if you’re bored with your friends on some long, dark summer night.

Thank you – this was a very good film.

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Sgrowe56, thank you for your amelioration. Tongue-in-cheek doesn’t come across very well in text; I often get myself in trouble similarly. Glad to know you, too, are a believer. I wasn’t, until some weird s*** happened to me… Live long enough (I’m 63) and you get to experience things of which you’d never dreamed. Warm regards to you, April

In one apartment I lived in, I used to get “ghost cat” experiences all the time when I was washing dishes at the sink: soft fur brushing against my leg. Since I moved out, I haven’t had that experience. It was nice while it lasted!

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What a lovely story, korenni!

Yazoo County is home to a few interesting “ghost stories.” Here is one of them:

The legend of the Witch of Yazoo is one that has been around for as long as anyone here can remember. According to local legend, there was a woman who lived on the banks of the Yazoo River (at the time -late 1800s-, a curve of the River flowed right next to what is now our historic downtown). No one knew who she was, but she was rumored to be a witch who lured fishermen off the river into her cabin/shack. The story goes that one day a young man peeked in her window and saw her torturing two fishermen. He ran and told the Sheriff who chased her out of her home and into the swamps which surrounded Yazoo at the time. By the time he caught up with her, she was drowning in quicksand. As she sank, she cursed Yazoo City and swore she would return after her death to burn down the town. The townspeople retrieved her body from where she drowned, and buried her in the center of the town cemetery (Glenwood Cemetery). They surrounded her grave with chains. (TBH this never made sense to me until my daughter - who is obsessed with the show Supernatural - said to me, “Duh! Iron repels spirits!” So, yeah.).

Time went on and everyone pretty much forgot about “the witch” until May 25, 1904. That morning a fire started at the home of the Wise family and it grew to consume 324 buildings - almost every business, all but one church, and many residences - of Yazoo City. People who were there that day have stated they watched at the flames flew through the air driven by roaring winds and lit buildings on fire 3 blocks away (however, the National Weather Service did not record any high winds in the area that day). Firefighters from communities 50 miles and more away were sent to Yazoo City by commandeered train to help battle the flames. The fire made headlines in New York City the, having losses that initially totaled over 2 Million Dollars in 1904 (roughly equal to 57 Million in 2019).

The morning after the fire of May 25, 1904, a group of citizens made their way to Glenwood Cemetery and found that the chains surrounding the grave of the Witch of Yazoo had been broken… as if by some supernatural strength.

That’s the basic legend. The story has been told to Yazoo children for as long as anyone can remember, but it was made famous by local author Willie Morris who wrote My Dog Skip (the movie was based on his book about growing up in Yazoo City). Learn more at

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Edinburgh is said to be the most haunted city in the world. The city’s population seriously suffered during periods of rapid urbanization and outbreaks of the plague. There are many spooky walking tours that I would recommend. The MacKensie poltergeist is supposed to have some of the highest numbers of recorded incidents of folks getting injured (scratches, burns, etc.)

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New Mexico is chock full of ghosts from La Lorona to chupacabras to skinwalkers. For a bit of real old west Route 66 ghost adventure check out the St. James Hotel in Cimarron New Mexico. Built in 1872, many famous people have stayed there over the years, including Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody, Clay Allison, Black Jack Ketchum, and Billy the Kid. There is a story about a poker game gone wrong, where T.J Wright was shot in the back after supposedly winning the hotel in a game. He died after crawling back into his room. Room 18 is not available to book and supposedly remains untouched. I’ve personally been up there twice and the hotel is fantastic. Haunted? Perhaps :slight_smile:

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