Temporary wonders?



I was wondering if there was a thread, or if there could be a place on the site for wonders that are only around for a little while – think pop-up shops, unusual exhibits, guerrilla artwork. Some of this stuff might turn up on city calendars like Time Out NY, but I’d like to think there’s a unique AO perspective that could be brought to this.

Just some random places open right now:

This Cafe Bustelo pop-up looks like a lot of fun: First look: Café Bustelo coffee shop perks up Montrose - Houston Chronicle
Brooklyn Museum has Frida Kahlo’s clothing on display: Brooklyn Museum: Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
The Color Factory: https://www.colorfactory.co/


I think this could be a great place for talking about temporary wonders! Thanks for the great suggestions!


I haven’t been, but Burning Man could count or do you imagine wonders that don’t repeat, truly ephemeral Temporary Autonomous Zones? Is there even such a thing as true repetition (okay, that’s getting too heady).


Great idea! When I went to Brussels I was completely taken by some public art on the steps on the Mont des Arts. It was - as you’ll see from a few photos below - a public gallery framing marks and blotches as if they were artwork. Said artworks were bestowed with names befitting their form. I thought it was inspired but I couldn’t find any info online about them and I have a feeling that they won’t be there any more.

In conclusion, if anyone could let me know if they know anything about them, get in touch! Otherwise, a Temporary Wonders thread would be great!


The theme for each iteration of Black Rock City (BRC) changes each year, as does the design of the Base upon which the Burning Man stands

Also the design of The Temple changes each year as well

There are certain elements that comprise BRC that reappear each year. Center Camp is always in the same place within the city
Thunderdome is a reoccurring piece, but the location changes slightly
There are also ‘villages’ that also reoccurr each year (e.g. Gigsville) but the city placement changes for most

Also the geographic placement of BRC as a whole in the Black Rock Desert changes from year to year to mitigate its impact on the playa