The Alcan Highway


This July my wife and I and a good friend will be embarking on a fairly big motorcycle adventure down from Deadhorse and the Arctic Circle in Alaska via the AlCan to the Seattle area, with a stopover in Vancouver Island for some fish & chips, then down the West coast to San Diego. We are poring over Atlas Obscura, our Milepost magazine and the internet in order not to miss anything. I would love to have suggestions from the Atlas Obscura community for any points of interest we may have missed.


That will be a real adventure. I wish you decent weather for the whole trip.

In the Yukon you’ll run alongside Kluane lake for ~20 miles. Fabulous sight & xlnt camping, few people.

Farther south, in BC, if you go via hwy 97, you’ll go along the Tetsa river for ~20 miles.
A wild river surrounded by hills & open space, like most of Alaska & Canada.
Pretty spectacular & deserted, lots of places to get completely off the road if you so desire.

From Seattle consider taking the coast route south, highway 101 to Leggett, CA, then highway 1 to Morro Bay.
It is much slower than I5, with no end to the curves and stunning hill & ocean vistas.
That would be the scenic route.

Best of Luck on your Voyage!


If you are hitting Vancouver Island for fish and chips you HAVE to, I mean, HAVE TO go to “Red Fish, Blue FIsh” on the island. Long lines, tables and stools overlooking the harbor, and this may be some of the best fish and chips I have had anywhere in the world. Must.


Thanks for the heads up! Always on the lookout for the best fish & chips!

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For sure. If you don’t believe me, check out their insta site :slight_smile: gods their food is amazing, fresh, and so, so good.


Great suggestions, all.
We are camping all the way down, so thanks for the campsite tips.
And from the Canada border down, we plan to keep the water on our right til we hit Mexico.
Then we’ll see what happens next, eh?

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This trip sounds amazing! This may be obvious, but you must be sure to take CA-1 in California, especially the section through Big Sur. The winding roads and bridges will be incredible on a motorcycle.


Yes, absolutely. We’ve done the US West coastline in a car before, and we vowed to return on a bike, so this is it.
Planning for a different trip, from San Diego on down to Cabo San Lucas some other time.


If you have time on Vancouver Island, don’t miss one of the world’s finest flower displays at Butchart Gardens.

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I’m sure you’ve already been to Hearst Castle in California, but you might want to consider camping at San Simeon Creek Campground. I stayed in the cheap (“rustic”) section one time, where it was a short walk to the beach. I set up my tent and my table and chair outside, and sat down for supper admiring the beautiful view – a green rise with a cow grazing on it, all slowly being covered with fog (this was in August). I raised my goblet to the scene in front of me, and while I was drinking, noticed that the family in the next campground was staring at me in disbelief…


In Victoria on Vancouver Island I love the Provincial Museum that has one of the best collections of northwestern First People’s artifacts to be found anywhere. From Victoria, if you wish to avoid Seattle traffic, you can take a ferry to Port Angeles, Washington, and go down the Pacific coast with lovely views, WWII installations of concrete, and the occasional black bear. Bon Voyage!