The Alfred Jewel

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Neglects to mention that Alfred commissioned this jewel encrusted pointer for the express purpose of Aiding in the reading of Scripture. At the cost of 60 head of oxen used for plowing.

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Sorry about that , actually admittedly there is quite a lot of information missing from the post. But please feel free to edit it as you like as there is an edit option on the page and it could certainly do with more interesting information.

The more the text inspires people to go and see the Jewel in person and to appreciate its incredible history the better.

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The Alfred Jewel, also has a role in the BBC series The Detectorists.


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Oh right , I dont watch TV very much at all so I wasn’t aware of that. But feel free to add this detail to the page if you like.

Ah, The Detectorists! Reminds me of this story we had a while back:


I attempted to access the edit function but I must have done something wrong. My comment is not factual, rather, it is grammatical.

“Alfred was also a man with a deep respect for education. In his late 30s, he learned Latin and helped translate of books into the Anglo-Saxon language and organized educational programs for his people.” The “of” is not needed.

Great article. Thanks for the quick glimpse.


Hi! All user edits are reviewed by our editors, and your edit is in the queue for approval. I’ve gone ahead and made the correction now. Thanks again for your diligence and for adding the edit!

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If only it could talk !

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