The Archduke of Austria's Michigan Grave

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Very interesting story, of course but I question the geography. I believe the Archduke and his wife are NOT buried in “Northern Michigan”, as I understand the term. NoMi is that palm branch shaped piece of real estate that nestles between the northern shore of Lake Michigan and the southern shore of Lake Superior. In the southern part of Michigan you can grow peaches. In the northern part of Michigan, you get 300+ inches of snow.

Leelanau is indeed in Northern Michigan. I think equas is equating “Northern Michigan” with the Upper Peninsula, where voluminous amounts of snow fall each year.


So, why was he buried there? Did he live in the area? Did I miss that?

Kathygeorge is correct. It is Northern Michigan (I live in SW MI). That is how we refer to the northern part of the Lower Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is simply referred to as The U.P.


Ah, good to know! @equas @kathygeorge thank you both for your input on this!

@equas, I grew up in Georgia, and even I know that “that palm branch shaped piece of real estate” is the Upper Peninsula. Very interesting story, though. :slight_smile:


It states that he came to Michigan after MIT and worked for General Motors.

My father, Stefan Habsburg, Archduke Of Austria is buried in a tiny cemetery in Northern Michigan. He chose the cemetery because he loved the area, the beautiful views of cherry orchards, dunes, Lake Michigan and the Manitou Islands. He had a summer home on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was a place, although different from his native Austria and Romania, the has views and abundance of natural beauty. He spent the last 10 years of his life along the shores of the remote Michigan peninsula.


Since he was born in 1932, 14 years after the monarchy and in fact all nobility was abolished in Austria, I would argue he was not actually an archduke. This may have been his title had the imperial family continued to be in power, and the Habsburg family may still hold on to its traditions, but they do not have official titles anymore in Austria. I am not sure how the U.S. handles nobility titles though.

I can completely understand why he picked that part of Michigan, because that is also one of my favourite areas. I now live just outside of Vienna, Austria and miss the Lakes. I want to make an Ausflug on my next visit back home, to visit your father’s grave. Thank you for the information.

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