The 'Astronaut' of Casar

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According the professor Ricardo Hurtado de San Antonio who has written several books regarding this stele, it would be a real proof about the visit of ancient aliens to our planet.
The transcription of the stele according to the professor Hurtado is as follows: and it would mean “In Die Itineris/ Mea Imago Manuerit/ Ilucia/ Sponsa Mater amantissima/centum kalendas augusti/Sublevabit Navem” ( In the day of the leaving, mi image will remain, (dedicate to) Ilucia, wife and loving mother, in the hundred day of the calends of August (November 8th) the ship ascended)

This is entirely speculative, but years ago and in a biblical culture class I remember hearing a punishment for death back in ancient times was for the accused murderer to be tied to the corpse and left to die. Over time the person would have to see and smell the stench of the rotting corpse. To me this Stone looks like two people bound together with chains.

I see a human figure. May be with a ring mesh and a helmet. That’s all. If someone sees an alien needs more scientific education and less TV.

Not sure how they know what extraterrestrials look like in the first place, but, I see something completely different: I think he or she looks like a beaming parent holding two babies. (the “shoulders” are the babies heads.)