The Chase Vault

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When I was a kid in the '70s, my brother and I were fascinated by a book we had called “Strangely Enough”, which was a collection of eerie tales of the unexplained from all over the world. One of our favorite stories was that of the Chase Vault. Fast forward to 2001 - I was making my first appearance in Barbados as a performer for the Gold Cup Festival, and on the trip to Sandy Lane from the airport, our assigned driver asked what we all wanted to do while we were in Barbados. I immediately piped up with “I want to visit the Chase Vault!” He nearly drove off the road - he never had ANY American tourist who’d ever heard of it, and Christ Church (where the vault is located) was his own parish. So a few days later, three of us in the show - the leading lady, my husband and myself - headed to the Vault with our driver. On tour the three of us are inseparable anyway, but we’re also the only ones with any interest in the “uncanny” - real or legendary - so the rest of the cast basically thought we were nuts. We toured the beautiful old church, read the official documentation of the events as they occurred and proceeded out to the burial grounds. My two companions opted out at the moment of truth, so I went alone into the crypt, feeling a bit like Howard Carter entering Tut’s tomb. It’s smaller than you’d expect, but realizing that I was standing in a place that had for years been shut off from the outer world and filled with several coffins and their occupants was a trifle unnerving - especially when hearing the muffled questions called down to me from my companions above in the graveyard. Was it haunted? I don’t know how to answer that - I have been in other places that had a far more powerful sense of something negative about them, like a whiff of malevolence… that was not the case here. The overwhelming emotion the place radiated for me was sorrow and loss. I was oddly reduced almost to tears for no apparent reason. Were these the feelings of an unseen presence, or my own internal reaction when confronted with the actuality of what lies ahead for all of our physical bodies inevitably? I’m not sure. Cursed or not, the Chase Vault was for me a Haunting Experience…


Great story and thanks for sharing. I think anytime you enter a place with a sad or macabre history it’s almost impossible not to feel the emotions and energy that has collected there over the decades. I remember walking through the train cars used to transport people during the Holocaust at the National Museum and you could feel the heaviness and sorrow inside that car, it was impossible to ignore.


Is it possible there is a strong magnetic energy at the vault that makes the lead coffins tumbling around, while Mrs. Goddard’s wooden coffin was remain undisturbed?

Perhaps it was formed only occasionally at certain moments. Lead is not magnetic, but very strong magnets energy can make it move.