The Child Eater of Bern

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As one of many statues and fountains found along the main thoroughfare through old town Berne, this one frightened me the most. My mother would tell me if I did something bad, she would send me to the Ogre and he would do away with me! I grew up with this image, and when I finally saw my mother’s Homeland in 1980, I got to see the beast himself. It was only then that she told me that her mother, grandmother, and uncles would also threaten her with the Ogre. The continuity of tales is kept alive by generations experiencing the same emotions and reactions to a thing as visceral as this image.


Very disturbing statue , looks like the Goya painting “Saturn devouring his son” , but I guess if its almost 500 years old than it even predates it

Reminds me of the depictions of Cronos.

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