The Corn Palace

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Okay so this is unique enough and hardly off the highway that you have no justification for passing it up if it is on your route.

We even attended a couple of flea markets here when I was a kid. I do not even know why. My parents were not the flea market or antiquing type.

Anyway I was bored and wandered the halls, and I remember being fascinated by the photo montage on the walls of the themes of the corn palace mosaics from years gone by.

This will teach you above all that the Internet is really really great…FOR CORN.

In 1999, on a drive from coast to coast and back, I made it my business to stop at every off-beat attraction I could find. Of course, the Corn Palace had to be included in that description, and I was not disappointed. Along with the world’s largest prairie dog (in Cactus Flat, S. Dakota), the Corn Palace fulfilled all the criteria for a truly unique experience. I watched in awe as the bird population dive-bombed the millions of seeds and grasses that cover the exterior. No wonder they have to come up with a new design every year! Not too be missed.

In the summer of 1950 (yes, 1950) we were driving from Illinois to Montana. We stopped for the night at Mitchell. Later we went to a restaurant, and on the paper place mat was information about the Corn Palace. I told my parents that we had to visit the corn palace because my second grade teacher said that if we are ever here, we must! My mother said, “No, it’s just a place to store corn.” They found out otherwise after supper. A Native American tribe was having a big ceremony there, and it was fascinating to watch them dance. I will never forget that opportunity. It is a beautiful building. So memorable.