"The Devilishly Difficult Locks of Dindigul" Discussion Thread

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I have a mango lock that was my grandfathers. He was with the British Army Cavalry in the 1900ā€™s. Iā€™m still trying to read the worn printing stamped on it. image
If anyone has more info I would be grateful to hear it!


Was interesting to know the story behind a common, everyday item that we take for granted. I loved it!

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Does anybody have a web link where we might be able to buy locks like these ā€“ preferably from the source (not eBay or Amazon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) ??

These locks are still made in India by an old Family in southern India.


Houdini made a life-long study of locks, found that all mechanisms could be classified into a very few groups, and then invented several more types. Does anyone know if he knew about these too?