The Domes

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I was just there within the last week, and there are no gates, only the mangled barbwire fence. I haven’t founf the tunnels…yet, but I did manage to get some great photos inside 3 of the structures.DSC_6209-2

Any strange happenings while there???

@jonathancarey Nope…nothing strange happened out there.

Don’t come here. There are no tunnels just old buildings that smell like pee. As neighbors we want you to know that you are unwanted and will call the cops. Bring bail.

These “domes” were originally constructed to house a printed circuit board fabrication facility. In the Summer of 1984, installation of equipment was started, but discontinued shortly thereafter due to financing issues.

Here’s a view of one building interior as it looked in July 1984. The project was cancelled shortly after this photo was taken.

Why is this?