The Drovers Inn

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I walked the West Highland Way six years ago and had dinner at The Drovers Inn. I recommend the haggis, it’s really quite good. The trek is very scenic along Loch Lomond and across the highlands. There are several trekking companies that will book you into a B&B, inn, or a pub along the way and take your bag to each place you stay along the way. You only have to carry a day pack, camera, rain gear, and bug spray for the midges and black flies. There’s generally a pub to stop at for lunch for a pint , fish, chips and mushy peas.

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I had the GREAT pleasure to stay here on a recent trip to Scotland while doing a segment for my reality show idea called Material World, on tartan plaids and their history related to Scotland. I knew ahead of time about the hauted room #6 in the hotel and purposely wanted to stay in a haunted inn and initially booked a room across the street in the newer section. But upon arrival, decided that I wanted the full effect of the place and re-booked into the original lodge. The front desk lady gladly obliged and gave me the key to the HAUNTED ROOM! I was very hesitant at first but my friend urged me to take the opportunity while I could.
It was a crazy night spent drinking and eating for hours on end in the pub, meeting all the locals who warned me about the room and making me very nervous as the night wore on. But I mustered my courage and went up to my room. I only made it until around 4:00am when my anxiety got the best of me and I jumped out of bed and went down to my friend’s room for the remainder of the night. Between the beers and the Ambien, I felt something on my leg and decided that I had had enough. At the time, I wasn’t sure anything paranormal had happened but after returning home and reviewing my videos, I DID capture an orb darting back and forth, after a door had suddenly slammed when I was about to open the door to my room. My friend mentioned that it might have been the wind, but there was no wind in the hallway. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing an actual orb jumping from the room to me and back. So it seems that all the stories are true about the Drover’s Inn. I may have to go back for an encore performance!