The English Channel is not a river


Wes Modes (“documenting life along America’s waterways”) is reported to have expressed the wish to travel “down the English Channel.” The Channel is not a river, it’s part of the ocean, and in a storm is no place for a shantyboat. He was (hopefully) misquoted.


I thought the same thing when I read that article. He probably said (or meant) the "English canals, " although they all have actual names and are pretty different, one from the other.


Or perhaps he said something like “down the Thames to the English Channel.”


Thanks for the heads up! We’re taking a look at the piece now.


Looks like that was our mistake, and we’ve added a correction to the piece. Thanks again for the catch!


True. We’d not last long on the English Channel. The North Sea is no place for a shantyboat. UK Canals is where we were thinking.

It’s also not an American River, but we hope to branch off from the project to explore rivers and canals internationally.