The Forgotten Entrance to Clinton Hall

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When I was a little boy, I lived @ 6th Avenue & West 4th Street in the West Village. At the northwest corner of 4th and ^th Ave (aka Avenue of the Americas) there was an IND entrance sign for the stop and the stairs were covered over by wide plank construction timbers, and one could peep between the boards and see the old station entrance which had not been used for many years. I always wondered why the entrance was not used and one had to go near W 3rd Street to enter the station or go near 8th Street to enter @ the other end. I always wondered if this part of the station was left in tact, and I bet there was a similar covered up staircase on the northeast corner of 4th & 6th Avenue. At this coner there was a large Kinney type parking lot where a whitish yellow brick bank was built around 1960.