"The Hidden Lives of Laundry Workers in Pakistan's Biggest City" Discussion Thread

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Beautiful, touching article. There are professions worldwide that are quickly disappearing, some due to new technologies and others due to new attitudes and perspectives, some worth preserving like arts and crafts that do not have access to markets while others needing a 21st century upgrade to still be relevant. Not paying much attention to this will cause an irreparable loss to humanity. For example, if the Karachi community as a whole were to help these dhobis modernize their practice without losing the personal connections of their practice, they would once again rise in dignity. If the community in Odisha, India were to help those folk artists access markets to sell their potteries and toys, that will again restore the dignity of that profession! It is important for us to keep our traditions as we evolve as a race as those are the reins that guide our evolution on profound undying human values of trust, honesty, compassion and dignity.