The Last Wild Apple Forests

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I wonder if all the apples in the Almaty apple groves are edible. It is pretty risky, since I cannot talk with the Kazakh locals.
Also, do Kazakhs learn English in school? We learned that apples are of Kazakh origin just a few months ago. Really intriguing.

I’m not an expert but I am familiar with apples grown from seed rather than graft. I would imagine these apples or completely edible, but probably a bit more tart or even sour. If not eaten raw I’m sure they could be cooked into something and sweetened if need be.

When I visited Almaty and environs in 2014 for two weeks, I found that almost no one spoke English (save for people at hotel front desks and university students / employees). My graduate students and faculty hosts took me to the stunning mountains that fringe Almaty, city markets, gracious city parks, museum and other sites. I was fortunate to have them as my hosts and would return in a heartbeat. If you do not speak Kazakh or Russian, you will definitely want a guide to help you navigate the area. That said, I did not see any wild apple groves while in the mountains (though plenty in the markets), so the advice to hire a guide is sound. If you go, be sure to see Almaty’s new subway --the stops in the heart of town are palacial.

I wouldn’t necessarily call Almaty a small town. It’s the former capital of Kazakhstan and has a population of well over 2,000,000.