The Lunchbox

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Anyone ever peruse Atlas/Gastro Obscura and are amused when you see a local thing added as something of wonder? That’s me and the lunchbox. I will say that I drank plenty of these babies in my mid-20’s, and while the recipe sounds … odd, I swear they are delicious!


Ha, yes, but that said, when I saw the Lunchbox published, my immediate response was that it sounded amazing and I wanted to try it. So perhaps “wonder” can be relative? :smile:

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Edna’s is not only known for “The Best Box in Town,” but for the atmosphere. It’s a small bar with the best honky tonk vibe. I am attaching a link to a Miranda Lambert/Keith Urban video that was filmed inside Edna’s. The video is much better lit than the bar is normally. Your eyes will need a moment to adjust. It’s dark demeanor is part of its clandestine feel. I love this little bar. Three bars on this block were listed as part of the best 20 dive bars in America. (Edna’s, The Hi-Lo Club and The Drunken Fry, which closed their doors last year.) Drink a Lunchbox and leave a dollar on the wall. RIP Edna.

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