"The Man Making Hats Out of Vegetables" Discussion Thread

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Artifacts like the tabungaw hats are what make Filipino history! As a Filipino overseas, it is truly heartbreaking to see that the creation of such artifacts will one day come to an end. Within the political climate of the Philippines, I’m afraid the preservation of such items that add beauty to our history are put on the back burner. We, as a Filipino people, have to do better!

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Gourds are fruits, not vegetables.

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I found him on Google Maps.

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Those hats are so cute. I wonder if there is any way to sell them online. Not sure how shipping would work, but I would be interested in getting one!

Where can you buy the hat?

And tomato, eggplant, cucumber and zucchini. And specially patola.

Somewhere out there, some enterprising person is looking at this and working out how they can steal this and turn it into a social media-friendly start-up opportunity…

Mark my words, in a few months you’re going to be seeing news items about an entrepeneur and their new business built out of hats made of veggies and fruit, all with gloriously awful pun names.

A yam o shanter; a tri-corn; a tril-berry; a bananandana; strawberry boater; baseball cap mushroom; and, of course, a full fruit bowl-er for the colourful man about town…

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This is a wonderful story, & the hats are beautiful! (Just wanted to say, I think you meant to write that he’s ‘exasperated’ that no one wants to follow him in making the hats?).