"The Monumental Undertaking of Moving Into an Old Masonic Temple" Discussion Thread

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I lived in the seven story Masonic Temple in Grand Island, Nebraska. I lived in the Knight’s Templar lodge on the 5th floor…about 4,000 sq feet. I rented the first floor to two commercial stores, the second and third had offices and residences. Also generated revenue from a cell phone tower atop the building. I left the massive Masonic Temple on the 6th and 7th floor empty hoping to install a restaurant and bar BUT the city would not give me a permit without an extensive fire exit system.Grande Venues

Are the owners doing hydroponic gardening inside? Interesting story about reusing unique structures.

Lucky you ! Its happened to me in 1976, a 5 story loft building in Old Montreal Canada. Sold in 1982 at 5x cost. Its a beautiful building; save its architecture, they don’t make them like this anymore.
Consider making an art center or museum with the lower part ! One day you will sell it at 20x cost!

What a fabulous building! The family really got a good deal when they purchased it. There are so many possibilities for the space and they have great ideas. I wish them well in their new home.

Nice to see it put to good use.
Steve Wojtak
Master Mason
Lodge #753

I thought it might be interesting to hear the Cannizaro’s kids’ perspective. Do they enjoy it, do the kids have any unique ideas for what to do with this humongous home, how have they adapted?