The Most 'Science-Fiction' Place You've Encountered?

I think that when we talk about wonder and curiosity, most people tend to think about natural or historical wonders, but just as amazing are the places in the world that look as though they are straight out of the future. Places like the Fort Worth Water Gardens or the Walden 7 apartment building in Sant Just Desvern, Spain stand out like creations out of time, bringing to life a sci-fi-inspired, ultra-modern aesthetic. They seem just as impossible as any massive cavern or ancient ruin. Tell us about the most futuristic or sci-fi-inspired place you’ve ever encountered!

(Image: Ricardo Bofill/Used with Permission)

Join the conversation below and tell us about the most science-fiction-y place you’ve ever discovered, where it is, and what you think makes it seem so futuristic and incredible. Be sure to include any terrific original pictures you might have of the place as well! Let’s share the wonders of the future, TODAY!


I feel like you’re dipping into my brain and asking what I want to talk about.

My answer: Shanghai. It feels like walking into Tomorrowland. The central area is the Bund, where a river runs through town. On one side is a lot of 19th Century, European-style architecture. On the other side is the district of Pudong, and it looks like the space age exploded all over it. Most of the skyscrapers light up and put on a show at various intervals. The freeway overpasses have stock ticker numbers streaming along their sides. There is an elevated walkway that interweaves throughout the entire district. To give you an idea, watch the sci-fi movie “Her”. Much of the exterior shots were done there, and they barely augmented anything for the film.

There are muuuch better pics on the net. But here’s the crappy picture I took to give you an idea of what it looks like at night.


YES. City of the future!


I have to go with Coral Castle.

With a name like that, you’d think it will be related to the sea or found near the coastline. Is actually surrounded by modern infrastructure in the middle of Miami. Stepping inside feels like you entered a new world, a private city oblivious to its surroundings. Only the crowds of visitors and tour guides explaining its history remind you that you’re still in Miami, Florida (don’t let the picture fool you, the place was packed). The mystery of how and when it was built further accentuates its sci-fi aspect.


I have two places that are actually really similar and specifically make me feel like I’m in a futuristic spaceship.
One is the red floor in the Seattle Public Library.

The other one is the stairwell in the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

I just love the red monochrome – it feels so sci-fi to me. Probably because of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Holy jeebus. I want to write a screenplay just so I can shoot it in that library.


Now that I think about it, Los Angeles being the homebase of Googie architecture, we’ve got a lot of futuristic buildings to choose from. The most dominant being the Theme Building in the middle of LAX. The restaurant has been closed for years. But I’ve lived here long enough to have had drinks up there.


The Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Looking up at all the floors that stacked higher and higher was boggling. It felt super futuristic!

(Not as good a pic, but it’s one I managed to snap when walking through the lobby!)


It’s old hat now, but the Guggenheim in New York City springs to mind, only because when my parents took me there back in the 60s, when I was around 9 or 10, I desperately wanted to skate down those ramps.


The Guggenheim still feels like the future to me!


Whoa, this looks incredible. Thank you for sharing it!

Recent conversation in Chicago is calling for the “eyesore to be torn down” but I always thought the Illinois State Building in Chicago had that Death-Star interior feel to it :?)


From Tokyo:


There are quite a few of these kinds of LED-based buildings being built now, but 10 years ago when I took these pictures, this was quite a sight for me.

The Ars Electronica Center, in Linz, reflecting on the Danube.
More than 5000 m² of outer glass utilizing 40,000 high-powered LEDs.

The side of the Lentos Kunstmuseum.
Notice the museum’s name etched in the glass.


Las Vegas - The Aria Hotel and Cosmopolitan complex. This was the view we had from our condo on a trip we took there a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty space aged!


Another Las Vegas:


Like from Logan’s Run.

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I still wanna skate down those ramps! :grin:


Canadian Museum of Human Rights.


My first encounter with Sinclair,Wyoming was driving by it at dusk. Still waiting for one of those towers to blast off.