"The Museum Where Racist and Oppressive Statues Go to Die" Discussion Thread

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You see, statues cannot be racist. Statues also cannot be “oppressive”. These are qualities perceived in the mind. They cannot exist in a statue. One can, however, nurture the very incorrect belief that statues contain racism or the ability to oppress. I can, if I choose, believe that monkeys will fly out of the Pope’s backside and paint the Vatican purple in the year 2128. I can also choose to believe that my misfortunes are someone else’s problem. I’d be wrong about that, too. German liberals don’t seem to understand that they’re being extreme. They don’t get that their entire history, from Luther to Hitler to Merkel, is a history of extremes. Seeing a statue of Hitler won’t make Jews die. If it makes them cry, the experience is STILL entirely theirs. Do you feel like confiscating propety and having people shot when you see a statue of Lenin? Of course, someone could be sarcastic and answer yes, but real adults and intellectuals don’t run straight for the sarcasm when they’re asked a question about scenarios that are, to begin with, ridiculous. Too bad all this evolution hasn’t given certain people brains.