The Neatest Seas to Read About

I was inspired by the recent piece on the Sargasso Sea. i’d like to learn more about seas (not oceans, bays, etc) and write creative work inspired by them. What are some seas that are the most fascinating to study?

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I think the story of the Aral Sea is fascinating although I have read that it really is a big lake.

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I think the Caspian Sea is really fascinating! By surface area, it’s the largest inland body of water in the world (although it seems there’s some debate about whether it’s technically a sea or an extremely large lake), and there are a number of endemic plant and animal species. I’m especially fond of the Caspian seal:

Photo: Mehr News Agency / CC BY 4.0

This NPR interview with photographer Chloe Dewe Mathews has some really beautiful photos of the sea, its surrounding lands, and the people who live there: “Life Along The Shores Of The Caspian Sea”

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The Mediterranean Sea is so obvious as to be likely to be overlooked for that very reason. And though it seems to have been done to death as subject, the Middle Earth Sea will always have scope for historical, historical fiction, geographical, fantasy, etc., subjects.

Less well known the Arafura Sea to the north of Australia has much to offer, with thousands of years of trade between the Malays and the indigenous people of Norther Australia, and records of Chinese exploration there a thousand years before the first European adventurers as just two examples.


The Red Sea would be interesting to me. It would bring back memories of the Ten Commandments movie featuring Charleston Heston as Moses. The highlight is when he told Israel to stand still and see the salvation of the LORD. The waters parted.

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