"The New Vonnegut Museum Could Only Have Ever Been in Indianapolis" Discussion Thread

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Very excited to hear about this museum (and this article). It’s been awhile, but like many kids, I spent my high school years reading and re-reading his novels and of course remember his fondness for his home state of Indiana. (I was also lucky enough to see him speak at the University of Chicago in the mid-1990’s.)

Anyway, two more things to share as a result of the article.

First, Vonnegut spent some time during his last years turning his quotes into screenprints. You can actually see some of the process in this commercial for Discover credit cards that I recall seeing on TV at the time:

Those prints are actually available for sale today online:


About seven years ago, I bought a print of my favorite Vonnegut quote:

Martinis make you mean. Manhattans make you a mellow fellow.

You can see more of those “Confetti Prints” of quotes here:


And second, something I always remember from one of his books is that the Von of the famous Von Duprin panic doors stands for Vonnegut. (It was created by Clemens Vonnegut, his great-grandfather.) Anyway, the Vonnegut Hardware photo made me think of it. More info on that tidbit here: