The Not-Quite Incorruptible St. Bernadette of Lourdes

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I have never been to Lourdes or to see the body of the blessed saint. I do wish the author would have taken more care to be more objective and make her skepticism not so blatant. The miracle of Lourdes is taken very seriously by a very large portion of the world. Please keep an open mind. By the way, the term is convent, not nunnery. Peace be with you.

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To each their own. I appreciated the skepticism. Knowledge allows for people to self interpret rather than taking the church’s word for it. Had man not intervened in the preservation my friend, it would be remarkable and astonishing.

Would you prefer to not know about the wax coverings and very high saline count? Saline is how meat was preserved since the beginning of homo sapiens walking the earth. Beeswax and honey doesn’t easily degrade. In a double sealed casket, if the conditions are right then it can last indefinitely.

Trust me, I’m a person of faith, but I like to form my own conclusions. Been to Jerusalem many times, spent over a year in this region before college in the States.
Is this Bernadette Soubirous a miraculous event? When you take a step back and learn all the details, it’s not so miraculous, Not even close.

But as I said, to each their own.

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