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It so happens that making alcohol from milk is not a new idea. Genghis Kahn and his hordes toasted their victories by drinking fermented mares milk. A practice continued by tribesmen today. Albeit with less bloodshed involved.
I hope the practice doesnt catch on because my mother as well as many other seniors drinks protein drinks as a supplement. It is needed for her as she has to have low carbs and low fat in her diet.

I’d love to be the first to have a mootini! Shaken not stirred please! (But I guess the cows would have to come from California around the San Andreas fault)

Almost the other side of the world had the same idea.


Who sells cheese for $40 per pound?!

You see, that is the real question. If a company can sell cheese for $40 per pound, these companies can add half again to their revenue and not waste the food product that they generally use as a low value by product or simply waste. But where does the $40 per pound figure fit into this? Is that a typo?