The Original McDonald's French Fry

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At 71, I’m old enough to remember the TRULY original McDonald’s French fries, circa early 1960s. They were made onsite from whole potatoes with a specially-designed potato slicer, similar to a huge manually-operated apple corer. They were fresh and hot and in those days almost nobody knew beef fat from Shinola. By the way, the fries, burgers, and shakes were all priced at 15 cents each.

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Sounds delicious.

A great way to experience beef-fat fried fries is to visit Brussels ! Most fries are dipped in beef fat, considered to be the traditional cooking method in Belgium (where potatoes are always fried twice, for maximum crispiness and a soft core).

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This past Sunday I went to a McD’s (San Francisco) out of dire hunger. I’d managed to avoid McD’s for at least a decade. Whatever method the corporation uses to manufacture its fries elsewhere, these tasted like they were made from the plastic slurry at Lego that failed to make the cut as blocks. BTW, the cheeseburger was as thin as three fries.

Hahah, yes I occasionally still have a transcendent McDonald’s fry that must have been fried at just the right temperature for just the right time and salted and delivered right away, but mostly they’re a soggy mess.