The Ozark Spooklight

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I had some friends in college take me there. We were at Crowder College in Neosho, Mo, and they came to me one night and asked me if I wanted to go to Spook Light. Not knowing what I t was, I said yes and off we went. Now this was back in 1972-73 time frame, and at the time the gas station at the end of the road was open. There were clippings from all over with a $50, 000 reward for anyone that could prove what it was. We parked on the side o the road, and after a while, we saw a light in the field to our left. It was on of the strangest things I’d ever seen! I haven’t been back, but it would be nice to go back once more to see it one more time.

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Born and raised in the area and been several times. Never saw anything. Neighbors are very annoyed if people are parked on the road or anywhere near their property. Last time I was there parked adjacent to the building where the museum used to be. Still never witnessed anything paranormal.