The Remains of Abraham & Straus Department Store

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I remember growing up in Brooklyn during the early 70’s; my bio-father was the local bolitero running numbers out of a bodega on the corner of South Elliot and Fulton Street (pre OTB). He would give my mother a knot of money to take my step sister and me shopping for clothes. At that time, it was very rare for Puertoricans to shop at A&S; we were just too poor in that era. But my mother didn’t care; she brought us clothes and toys from that store at downtown Fulton Street. We rode these elevators from floor to floor; I remember looking at a reflection of myself in the shiny art deco styled brass. Those were good times.


This is a great story, thank you for sharing it!


This was an amazingly tasteful and beautiful department store.

My family purchased the residence of one of the Straus family members in the New England area, and it was one of the most incredible houses I have ever lived in. When I moved to Huntington, New York, I used to buy all of my shoes from A&S. They were all made in Italy or Spain with the impeccable craftsmanship that is missing in today’s world.

I miss the great era of department stores. Online shopping is downright comatose and boring and reflects what society has become.


I agree with you for missing the old department stores. They were grand places! One of my family stories relates me getting lost in one of those stores at the tender age of 2 1/2. I earned a harness and a leash after that incident…
In those stores, you could stay the day, shopping and eat in the restaurant there. You knew who the clerks were because they weren’t dressed in coats, hats and gloves the way the customers were. The clerks really were there to help. I developed my love for shopping in Dayton’s and Donaldson’s in Minneapolis during the fifties. I miss the old hat boutiques in those stores. You sat on a high stool and tried on hats in front of a beautiful mirror. Awesome.


This is Awesome, I remember the pleasure of shopping at Abraham & Straus, and Always finding a ‘bargain’. Was heartbroken when Macy’s took it over, as I believed A&S offered more in the way of shopping than Macy’s did (and I still believe this to this day). Would love for A&S to come back, great memories indeed.