The Secret Mermaid

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My name is Alfred (Fred)Arroyo, the oldest member of the group that carved The Secret Mermaid. I am offering information in order to start visitation of The Secret Mermaid regularly. I know very little about sculpting but with help from my three companions I managed to help create The (not so secret) Secret Mermaid ! I have drawn up some pamphlets with information and pictures and other stuff concerning The Secret Mermaid and as soon as the weather breaks, I will be on the beach near the mermaid to answer questions and to pass out some literature concerning the Mermaid.
I am now 95 years of age so I would like to see The Mermaid complete before…I’m gone. Thank you for this opportunity to reveal myself concerning The Secret Mermaid !
Alfred (Fred) Arroyo


Hello, I’m curious to find out how this turned out for you thus far. As I wished I had seen this forum sooner. I have many questions and would like to contribute it’s completion if need be, presently.

Hi Alfred mu name es José Gerardo Moreno I am the son of Jose

Hi Crystal,
Nothing has changed much due to bad weather ! It seems that the city of Chicago has ignored the presence of the mermaid since it needs cleaning of its surroundings and a
little more attention. If you want more information you can locate me at fredarroyo1

Write me at fredarroyo1@…your father was one of four of us guys that carved
the mermaid on the shore of Lake Michigan many years ago.