The Slinger

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This reminds me of the famous Denco Darlin’ served up by Pat at the Denco Diner in Norman, Oklahoma. Spaghetti smothered with chili and one (or two) over-easy eggs “lookin’ at ya.” An iceberg lettuce side salad slathered in Green Goddess dressing made for a real treat at 3 am after a Sooner football victory party!


The next time I find myself up in Norman, I’ll make a point of visiting the Denco Diner. However, I will wisely forego Pat’s famous specialty as it would be gastronomic seppuku in my present digestive state. LOL! Wish I’d known about it 20 years ago when the cast iron lining of my innards was still intact. The side salad still sounds doable.


They still serve it across the street at The Diner.


Denco’s closed down decades ago. The former location burned down a couple of years ago. It’s been rebuilt but it’s a breakfast joint now. See me other comment regarding The Diner if you want to try a “Darlin’.”


And did you get their T-Shirt, too? :wink:

I’m from St. Louis where the Slinger was invented. The article states that it includes sausage patties, but a traditional Slinger actually does not have sausage. It is hash browns, two eggs cooked however you like, a hamburger patty, chili, cheese, and onions. Some also include jalapeños.