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Hello! My grandfather (mothers side) was a Director of ‘Colonia Correccional de Dois Rios’ during few years prior to 1930. My mother, aunt, uncle and grandmother lived there with him, who died before I was born, in a place which may then have been almost a paradise: I have inherited a picture book of those days and that surely seems quite like it: lots of forests, marvelous beaches, constant supply of fish and almost no meat for boats from inland would cross the bay of Angra dos Reis only once a month carrying goods and new inmates. Once I asked my grandmother if prisioners would not scape swimming out, she told me the area had lots of sharks, even a few fishermen were troubled by that. Prisioners had only one major trouble: drinking alcohol, which they would even try to rob from a prison’s farmacy – of a blue quality since it was tainted with methylene blue… Prisioners had a few duties, such as in a farm produxing food, killing red ants which were a local plague and doing wood objects, inlaid boxes and the like. One of my firends told me that this would be some sorts of therapy… If you wish more details I would supply them with what I know or remember of talking to my mothre and grandmother. However, there has been items off the academic World on this subject such as: dos Santos, Myrian Sepulveda Os Porôes da República, Garamond, Rio de Janeiro, 2009, 335 p. with quoted materials from my grand father directed to the Minister of Justice of the day, at p. 179, 171, 160 and 153 (on the latter simply citations of his ame).