The Wagrowiec Bifurcation

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Re The Wagrowiec Bifurcation…
It states here, that “One of only two places in the world where two rivers cross each other without the waters mixing”.
Q Anyone know where the 2nd place is ???

According to Wikipedia, the definition of bifurcation differs from what the article says. From what I can find, a bifurcation is when a river splits - permanently or temporarily.

As described in the AO article, you can have rivers joining with the waters not mixing when one has more/less sediment (for example). In Iquitos Peru, the Amazon flows by and then you’ve a tributary just to the north. The waters don’t mix right away and you can see the separation with the naked eye if you go out on a boat - or use Google images. The waters do merge further south.

Note the line between the waters is where you can also view pink dolphins.

The other place mentioned in the article? No idea. At least 10 bifurcations mentioned just in the Wikipedia page, though.

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this article could have been a bit more informative to say the least! :laughing:

What are the factor cause this?

Yeah was confusing… and couldnt find anything regarding a second one…

Sorry for the confusion on this one. Place entries are user-generated content and any member of the community can submit edits to an entry that will then be seen by our database editors. If you ever spot a factual error, or something that may seem misleading feel free to submit an edit and our editors will see it pronto. Again sorry for the confusion :fist: