The Warren's Occult Museum

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Has there been any word on where the museum items are being moved/stored and if it will be reopened? Since the article says “permanently closed” I am hoping that actually means until it is relocated to a larger more accommodating site so people can actually tour the facility in a true museum fashion.

The Warrens collection is like the Smithsonian of the haunted. If the items were to be behind glass insulated with gas composed from holy water or some other blessed component, it would be safe for people to come in and view on a more regular basis? and the proceeds could fund the Warren society that watches over these items and future haunted things? Just an idea.

My kids are grown and on their own now so I am finally in a position to visit places that interest me. Unfortunately, many of these places are now closed or are closing as we are all aging in life. Please let me know about the museums future status.


I will certainly keep this post in mind if anything surfaces about the museum. I do believe (though I could be wrong) some of their collection made it here

Lorraine Warren died so we can’t visit the museum anymore.

I’d also check in with the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult operated by Greg and Dana Newkirk: (I believe they were friendly with the Warrens)

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Now that Lorraine has passed . I understand the museum is permenently closed . To good understanding- it’s for people’s safety . Permenently closed for a reason & not in a big museum is the smartest route … However I am curious who is now the owner of the museum? Its very important items in this museum dont get auctioned off to the wrong people . A literal hell will be released . & that makes me a tad unsettled .

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