The Witch's Castle

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This hike was described as an easy half mile walk from the upper parking lot, but that is not an accurate description. This was a moderately difficult hike for a beginner, and a painful and nearly impossible one for me as someone with chronic pain and disabilities. My partner and I heard others complaining about the hike as well, one calling it a “death march.” It had many steep, rocky hills and inclines and took us about 30 minutes each way. I felt the description on this site was misleading and I would have skipped this if I had known how intense the hike was. Also, the structure itself is covered in graffiti, which was unfortunate.

Hi @alanasaltz! Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear that you had such an arduous experience reaching the site. I’ve slightly adjusted the wording of the entry to make it more subjective. Despite the difficulties, thank you again for sharing your experience with us!