The Woman Preserving Baltimore’s Black History

I read with excitement that the archives of Baltimore’s 125 year-plus old African American newspaper, the Afro American will become available for study and use in the near future. It will be a huge contribution to the study of African American history.

I was surprised, though, that the article didn’t mention that the all issues of the Afro American between 1893 and 1988 have been been completely digitized and are fully searchable online, accessible through the Proquest Historical Newspapers platform, as part of its Black Newspapers collection (see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Black Newspapers for a description). The online availability of the newspaper will be an enormous advantage for researchers drawing upon the resources of the Afro American’s archives.

Proquest is subscription service, but most of its users are institutional, so interested parties should check with their local pubic library—or college/university library if they area for students or alumni)–to see if it has a subscription.


oh wow- thank you for alerting us to this possibility. This sounds amazing. I recently read Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler and it reminded me again how reading and learning abt the works and world building of African American writers will help us move at least some steps towards filling the gaps brought out by systematic pedagogic erasures

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