The wonders of Greece

Greetings, travelers! I’m flying to Greece on Monday from the U.S. I’ve been once before and visited Crete, Santorini and, on the mainland, Athens & Patras/Rio. This time, I’ll be going to Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini again (because I loved it THAT much) and on the mainland, Athens and Delphi. Please tell me of your Greek adventures and recommendations for must-see areas. I am so excited!! Thank you!!


Hi, we just returned from Greece and spent a few days on Santorini. I agree it is a fabulous place. Not sure what you’ve done on your last trip but if you haven’t then I would recommend doing the Thira to Oia trek around early morning. That way you can have a light lunch, shop in Thira then get ready for an afternoon enjoying drinks and a nice meal. The Volcano tour and track is also good and not hard to do. You can also swim at the hot springs. Just note the care taker likes to wash nude while the tour boats are in :slight_smile: Hiring a car and driving around the island is a must. Visit Profitis Ilias, the highest point and a monastery. We stayed in Finikia and ate a lot in Oia. There’s a few good places but Roka and Melitini are a good start. We loved Marykays bar as it was a place the locals hung out late at night.


Rhodes - I absolutely recommend the Valley of the Butterflies if you are a nature lover, it’s absolutely stunning!


I’ll have to go back to see that! Sounds incredible! Thank you!

Chaniotis is so very pretty, full of charm and history, quite different to most places you’ll find in Greece. The weather is always that touch warmer, the locals are lovely and friendly, the food is excellent, whatever your tastes. The beaches are clean and the seas warm, the main beach has more facilities with shallower waters. If you need a taxi transfer, I recommend Chaniotis Taxi Transfer service. The best prices.

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Rhodes and Santorini are my favorite Destinations.

Santorini is an Insanely Beautiful Island with its dazzling panoramas, romantic sunsets.

Rhodes is itself is an pretty beautiful island with incredible nature, stunning architecture, and ofcourse lip-smacking food.

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Thank you!

I’ll probably go back to visit some of the less-populated islands in a couple of years. This year, I’m most likely staying in the U.S. to visit some National Parks. Next year, Portugal.