Do you guys know about this site? It is lifting both text and images from the site.

Any reply from AO on this? That other website looks hacky, and I’d be surprised if AO gave permission for its words & images to appear on it…

Nothing yet, I also sent an email. The text is very slightly changed. Things like a name becomes she, etc. I think that they used a text spinner.

Hey all we are currently looking into the issues and should provide an update soon.


I’m assuming that it’s not sanctioned then? I’ll be interested to see what happens.

Honestly, outside my realm of expertise, but I have relayed it to the proper departments and we should have some updates soon.


I got a reply from Tyler who said that he emailed the guy and let Google know that it’s a copy site.

Hey, so there seems to be a similar case with a Mexican site that lifted some pictures I took and have only been published on the AO article for the same sculpture with incorrect crediting to me and no link to AO:

What would be the preferred contact to communicate with AO to look over this situation?

Well, after I got in touch with and pointed out their use of pictures and text copied and translated directly from the AO entry, they’ve now deleted the page.


I emailed my findings to the AO contact page, that worked. They don’t seem to be too active on the forums any more for this kind of stuff. I assume that its corona related priorities, so can’t really blame them.

Also, the guy seems to have dropped most of the content, but he still uses the tag line and tags.
e.g. Museum of Medieval Stockholm :: the places I have been