Things to do in Moldova

Hi all,

we’re visiting Moldova in about 2 weeks and these standards are on our list:

  • Chisinau
  • Cricova
  • Orheiul Vechi
  • Soroca Gypsy Hill
  • Transnistria

Anybody some more ideas?
Most of the time, we are looking for AO-type of sights…


I was in Chisinau recently and really liked the Ethnographic museum (“National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History”). Exhibitions are either good or really kitchy (fun). The military museum was pretty good as well, especially the last part on the Transnistrian war.

Transnistria itself is great. I went with a guide who showed me around in Tiraspol and Bender. Without the guide I would’ve missed a lot of the details and recent history of the place.

I also quite liked Chisinau’s Propaganda Cafe.


I visited Moldova about 8 years ago, so my information may be a bit outdated by now. Orheiul Vechi was interesting with the rock hewn church complex. Looks very old. Another similar complex is in Tipova on the shore of Dnister river. It is a well known pilgrimage site by locals. Getting there takes an effort though. To visit Tipova we arranged accommodation in Lalova village and took a boat-trip to Tipova from there. The Dnister river is now functioning as a border between Moldova and Transnistria so attention is necessary not to ride the boat too close to the other shore.

Soroca also has a famous castle (Soroca Fortress). The most interesting thing inside was a small tapestry picture of an old king and it is said that this picture sometimes gives people a blink. Just outside Soroca is a Candle of Gratitude monument, known by the name ’Svechka’. It takes 675 steps to rise up to the monument. On the way to there are some interesting hermit caves grooved inside a chalk cliff. It is possible to visit if you are able to climb up. The ground and surface of the cliffs is a bit slippery.

If you want to travel around freely some knowledge of Russian is necessary, especially if you plan to go to Transnistria.


One of my top things would be to check the Cricova Winery. It’s a must check-mark in your prep list

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