This is one of my favorite bookstores


I’d love to do a road trip based entirely around bookstores — what are other must-visits?


I love Albertine in NYC! I don’t speak French but I won’t let a language barrier get in between me and its beautiful ceiling

listed #3


John King Bookstore in Detroit! I think it’s my favorite place I’ve ever been in the entire world.


I desperately want to visit Daunt Books in London (not really road-trippable unless you’re in the UK…). It specializes in travel books and has been in operation since 1912. It’s also purportedly the “first custom built bookshop in the world.”


Oh, that looks amaziiiiiiing. I may need to start planning a London trip.


Powell’s in Portland is my favorite bookstore in the world. Every time I’ve visited Portland, I’ve paid it a visit (and gotten lost in the City of Books) every single day.


The Montague Book Mill is special, if you’re ever passing through Central Mass.


I’ve been to that one! A perfect bookstore in so many ways.


I still have never been to Detroit, even though I go to Michigan every year for Christmas! This will be the year that changes.


I second Daunt books! I visited there just after I started at Atlas Obscura and thought its selection was the most Atlassy selection of books possible. Also, it’s handsome as the (Charles) dickens.


Seconding this! John K. King is such a magical place. It feels like you could spend years rifling through things, and that if you sat down in a corner of one of the quieter floors, you could stay there forever without anyone noticing. (Living out my childhood dream of camping inside a bookstore.)


This is a can’t miss stop for anyone who finds themselves in BsAs.


+1 on this. Probably the most charming bookstore in NYC.


I have dreamed of visiting this place for ages , cant wait to see it and Buenos Aires one day.


Open Books in Seattle - all poetry; akin to Grolier Books in Boston.


AbeBooks curated a list of 66 bookstores on Route 66 a while back for anyone wanting to add a literary component to their next 66 road trip.


Oh, that’s awesome!


Shout out to AbeBooks! That’s where I buy all my used books online. 3 out of 4 books comes from the store with a thank you note for purchasing from an Indie seller.


Prospero’s in Kansas City is really cool. It’s three levels of book shelves among little art works and tons of graffiti. Definitely my favorite place to spend an afternoon.