This is one of my favorite bookstores


624 Pirate Alley, New Orleans, LA
It’s the Faulkner House Books. Every single thing in there is interesting. You could spend days in there. It has the advantage of being in a great city that’s full of music, awesome food, and entertaining people.


Book Culture in New York City is a wonderful experience - carefully selected, thoughtful books. It’s pleasant to browse without being bombarded by ‘best sellers’.


The Book Loft in German Village, Columbus Ohio, is a fantastic non-chain place to spend several hours


Couldn’t agree more, Lisa. Given current events, you must be thinking about City Lights a good deal.


You must visit The Tattered Cover in Denver! They stood up to the chains and won! And, why limit to just bookstores…I recommend some amazing libraries: Trinity College in Dublin, the Bodleian at Oxford, and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale.


Should you be visiting Venice, you must go to Libreria Acqua Alta. Books in boats, and very cute cats.

Also Damocle Edizione, gorgeous bilingual illustrated letterpress books, and not as expensive as you might think.


Charlottesville, VA is also a great bookstore town, and punches well above its weight class in that respect and others. A couple standouts:

New Dominion Bookshop is about a century old, classically beautiful, and a hub for local and visiting authors doing readings.

A few blocks away, Daedalus Books is everything an old school, quirky, stuffed-full bookstore should be. It doesn’t even really have a website.


Come to the flyover state of Arkansas and visit the Dickson Street Bookstore in Fayetteville. As one patron said, “It is like walking into a book”. A maze of mostly inexpensive tomes and an adventure in itself. Smells like it should: bookish.


Bart’s Books in Ojai CA. Google it and look to the pictures. It is part open air, sprawling. Great books too.


The Montague Book Mill is my favorite bookstore of all time. Labyrinthine, with creaking wood floors, populated by sagging old overstuffed armchairs, it is beyond charming. And you can get lunch and a beer and sit overlooking the splashy mill stream with your pile of books.


Indeed, I am. Solace comes in many forms.


Farleys Book Shop on Main Street in New Hope, PA. Lovely old bookstore )opened 1967) that has very unusual books from unique publishers. Took our daughter there for years. She would sit between the stacks and look at books for hours and no one cared. Of course we always ended up buying a beautifully illustrated book with wonderfully written stores.


Recycle Books in San Jose is so amazing: an incredible cookbook section and two very adorable bookstore cats. I always leave with a cookbook and paperback mystery novel


Singing Wind, Benson, AZ


One of my all-time favorites also.


I would recommend for your list a few in Scotland & the North…Mainstreet Trading has an amazing selection, good coffee to pause and refine your pile of possibles and an easy going attitude to timeless roaming. Barter Books is Alnwick, in the old railway station, near the castle where they filmed some of Harry Potter and has a huge rambling collection of second hand books. In Edinburgh, try Golden Hare, helpful staff and always something new.
Abacus in Cartagena, Colombia should be on your list, mainly in Spanish language. If you can read in Spanish, or aspire to, then add Tipos inflames in Madrid to your list. Tipos infames, libros y vinos en Expansió
A little green with jealously just thinking of a road trip of great bookshops.



Eborn Books in Salt Lake City is a must visit whenever I’m in town. Housed in the former home of the equally great Sam Weller Bookstore (which moved locations years ago), they have a huge selection of pulp sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks dating back decades. Anyone who’s a fan of the wild, lurid world of 70s and 80s paperback sci-fi and fantasy has hit the jackpot. Just look at the Star Trek shelf!


I love Dickson Street Books.
“Oh there’s nothing better /than the smell of a used book store/we’ll get lost between the covers/don’t make them like that no more.”–Trout Fishing In America (the band, named after the book)


I was also going to recommend Powell’s - the downtown one, in particular. Favorite of all time ever in the entire history of favorites.


Hart Haven Bookstore, Fresno, California, USA. ALSO, Old Monterey Book Co., Monterey, California, USA.