Thomas Pursell’s Escape Burial Hatch

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Seeing the children - a 1 year old and 8 year old – I just can’t imagine losing kids.
Also there must’ve been a first wife, no? Since his wife listed was born in 1857 (born 29 years after him) and the first child listed was born in 1860.

I actually have this fear myself, so I get it. However, I expect to be embalmed which ensures that I will be definitely dead, even if I wasn’t when my body got to the funeral home!

I can’t answer your question about there being a prior wife, but check out this article in 1937 Life mag: (that’s Thomas over there on the right!)

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Carol, my goodness, I’d think that your fear would extend to being killed by the embalming process…

More worried about being buried alive, LOL!

oy, Carol! May you never die, dear lady.

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grimmwerks, i think you misunderstand. thomas t was born in 1854 and his wife lida in 1857. it’s just that they have the names of his father (i presume) and wife on the same tombstone that makes it confusing.