Three Reasons to Visit Your State


Why visit Illinois?

  1. Chicago! I only live a couple hours away and it’s still such a fun time to see the skyline rise in the distance. Downtown Chicago is lots of fun (and exercise), not to mention the museums, the Shedd aquarium, and the Adler planetarium. In the winter, Christkindl markt; in the summer, the beach.

  2. Illinois is the prairie state, so our nature reserves are pretty cool. Lots of birds, and I almost stepped on a snake once! I always expect the prairie to be beige and boring, but I’m always amazed at how it stretches out, and it’s like the whole world is made of golden grasses.

  3. There is a looottt of farmland here, but we have some really, really nice farmer’s markets. There’s nothing like getting honey, cheese, and fruits fresh from the farm. It’s delicious, and it’s nice to know you’re supporting local families. I have not had more delicious fruit than from the farmer’s market in town.

I live in small town Illinois so it’s hard to think of much beyond my scope of experience lol. But my scope of experience has been pretty nice.
Edit: Chicago was also home to H. H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer! That’s probably the best part, lol.