Tiffany Dome

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The dome in the GAR Hall was done by the firm of Healy & Millet. They also worked with Louis Sullivan on the Auditorium Theater and the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room (now reconstructed at the Art Institute of Chicago). Both well worth visiting.

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Absolutely exquisite! It would be worth a trip to Chicago just to see it. I like the smaller dome better than the large one; it’s more complicated. But both are incredibly beautiful and I’m so happy they have been restored

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As a teenager and in my early 20s, I spent many a happy hour in this former Chicago Public Library, researching my study assignments, such as essays and term papers, for both high school and university. Here was where I could experience real Tiffany stained glass and real hand made mosaics. Right above me were the kind of stained glass and mosaics that I delighted seeing in my History and World Cultures textbooks. Now it’s hard to imagine the pleasure this gave to a young student who, in those days, would not have been allowed to travel out of country alone. I still hold fresh those very first experiences with these wonderful art media. Since then I have taught arts in the US Army Brats Schools in Japan, Korea and Germany, always with memories of those first encounters at the Chicago (“My Hometown!”) Cultural Center!