Tiger Tail Ice Cream

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I tried tiger tail ice cream in a little shop in Waterton, Alberta five years ago. I liked it! I’m from Florida, so you definitely can’t get it around here.


I had no idea that this was a Canadian thing, largely unknown to the rest of civilization!

It’s one of my favourites and I literally had some yesterday and stumbled on this today.

Highly recommend :+1:


I was just having a discussion about this today. Growing up in Manitoba, I knew it as “tiger tiger.” I see that in Ontario it is almost universally known as “tiger tail.” Both make sense, though I’m not sure why the “tail” is needed since ice cream doesn’t look like a tail, and the whole tiger is orange and black – but I digress. Probably more pertinent is that the flavour under “tiger tail” is sold by the popular (if mediocre) Chapman’s brand, which is kind of a big Ontario thing. I notice Kawartha Dairy (another Ontario thing) uses “tail” too. So it makes sense that most Ontarians know it as that, and it has become the standard nom du glace! Interestingly, both Nestle CAnada, and the Compliments/Lucerne brand found at IGA/Sobeys/Safeway use “tiger tiger” but they haven’t won the name war!

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