Tió de Nadal





Terrible tradition…


It should be noted that the Atlas Obscura office has its own Caga Tió this year.


And what a fine pooping log it is! It’s really the gift that keeps on shitting :slight_smile:

Thanks “Wise Man” of Atlas


Oh no, so are you planning to hit him?


I got back from Barcelona a week ago and these things were everywhere there; in Christmas markets, shops, flower arrangements etc. Thanks to Atlas Obscura I knew what it was all about. :slight_smile:


No, he’s a homemade gem, and we love him too much to hit him.


At least this!


Continuing the discussion from Tió de Nadal:

In this zone of Spain is very typical the figure of the ‘caganer’ and it represents a shepherd defecating. Usually it has the face of a politician or another celebrity.


One of these guys?!:


I think we’ll have to get one of those for the office next year!