Tipasa Roman Ruins


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the least you could do with these more than often fascinating articles is to adequately caption the photographs so we know what we’re looking at. is this a theater, a mausoleum (you mention cleopatra’s daughter. is one of the ruins pictured her tomb?). caption your photos more than just repeating the obvious. you mention the location in the header, now add a few details that would make your article more interesting and informative.

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I concur as that is the first thought I had when opening the article and going through the photos at the top. "What am I looking at? From what period? This is not meant to cast aspersions on the article because I learned several things I did not know before. For example I did not know about Huneric And I did not know Tipasa had a long history of being a hub of commerce. The Phoenician phase was what grabbed my attention foremost and I really wanted to know which photos related to it. The Latin inscription on one of the photos narrowed that one down a little because I could make out a few words like mother and sons so I pegged it for a grave marker but was it Selene’s? For the rest I don’t have enough architectural history background to even hazard a guess. It was a good article that could have been a great article with captions.