Toadstool Geologic Park

Welcome to the Atlas Obscura Community discussion of Toadstool Geologic Park in Harrison, Nebraska. Ask questions or share travel tips, experiences, pictures, or general comments with the community. For the story behind this place, check out the Atlas Obscura entry:

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As a kid I always thought this was about the coolest thing in Nebraska.

I think I still stand by that statement.


Wind is the best sculptor.

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Had no idea this existed. So cool.

Fun fact: these formations are colloquially called Hoodoos west of the Rockies.

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Respectfully, I would differ. I grew up in Iowa, so Nebraska always meant Big Red, the team to beat. A few years ago, I visited Morrill Hall at UNL and came to view Nebraska as the ‘beginning’ of the Great Plains. Ashfall Fossil Beds State Park in Royal, NE, made an even bigger impression along natural history lines.

As a native Nebraskan and avid Husker fan, I am well cognizant of Nebraska’s many offerings – especially since we took countless family camping trips to every corner of our home state. However I am only speaking of geological wonders, as most outsiders only tend to think of Chimney Rock. It would be an odd comparison to place sports teams alongside ancient geological formations.