Tom and Jerry

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Batter based drinks with lots of alcohol. How could you go wrong?

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I was an FOE member through my 20s and 30s and one of the old guys made sure that we always had a Tom and Jerry night before Christmas. I think there were about a dozen people who actually looked forward to them but every damn regular was all about the tradition.

Tom and Jerry’s are a long-time tradition in my husband’s family and we have a large number of the mugs and punch bowl matching the one shown. Every Christmas morning friends and neighbors are invited for a drink before they go on about their holiday festivities. It’s great fun and starts the day with an extra bit of ‘holiday spirit.’

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Completely agree. I feel the same way about Irish coffee, which combines the four essential food groups into a single glass: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and animal fat. You can’t go wrong there, either.

It seems I am missing something. Raw eggs are now OK to consume?

There is a similar punch bowl set made by Anchor Hocking called “PEACH LUSTRE”.

My grandfather arrived just at dawn on the morning an earthquake and fire came close to destroying San Francisco. His first job had burned up, so he worked a number of jobs before becoming a bartender on the ‘Barbary Coast.’ His bar specialized in the Tom and Jerry drink, popular year round in cold and foggy San Francisco. We still have his Victorian recipe, and I can assure you the modern recipes are not much different.
Tom and Jerry and Egg Nog are both species of flips, an old English drink that predates 1700.